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Cellphone Civility - My Promise to Client, Friends, and Family of Lexington

  Cell Phone Civility -  My Promise to Clients, Family and the Lexington Community

This past week I think I saw no fewer than four rear end accidents.  Two of them had injuries with  major damage to the autos.  I also read about some terrible rear end accidents around  the nation.  I know there are times when I have been on the phone while driving in which I was fortunate to avoid an accident.  Therefore I am making a pledge to my clients, family and the Lexington community as a whole to not answer my phone or make calls while driving.

I am also making another promise.  I will be intentional about not letting the phone dictate my business or personal life.

    I will not answer my phone while eating with clients, friends or family.
    I will not check my phone for emails, voice mails or text messages while with clients, friends or family.
    I will change my voicemail everyday and let those who may call know what time of day I will be returning calls.

I would like to challenge other people in the business world to make similar promises and create a much safer environment for all citizens of our County.

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