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Senninger Plumbers Pass the Test Again

Senninger Plumbing Pulls Through Again

May battle with the kitchen drain was finally put on hold Saturday night.  I gave up!!!  I am not a plumber but when it is a holiday weekend and the costs are high I will give anything a try.  But after breaking a snake and nearly breaking my back I just called it quits and we got by until today.

Shane from Senninger was here two hours battling the shredded dish cloth that miraculously got at least 30 feet into a labyrinth of pipe.  It managed to get soaked with grease, black, smelly sticky stuff and completely block the drain.  

The jurculean effort it took to continually work that electric snake until he was able to wrestle that mangled rag to the wowas heroic.  Thanks so much, Shane.

I have used Senninger before and am always pleased.  They are punctual, efficient, polite and the really biggy!  They clean up their messes.  I will not mention any names but many of the service people in Lexington are notoriously sloppy or even slovenly when it comes to cleaning up their messes.

So if you need a good plumber give Senninger a call.  859 263 0351

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Senninger Plumbers Pass the Test Again
Senninger Plumbing Pulls Through Again May battle with the kitchen drain was finally put on hold Saturday night. I gave up!!! I am not a plumber but when it is a holiday weekend and the costs are high I will give anything a try. But after… more
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