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Evidence of Good Soil Preparation

Today on want to show some pictures of my garden.  This is mostly to validate my previous blog entry on  soil preparation.


It is most important to emphasis our garden is growing  without any chemicals of any kind.  The soil was enriched with leafs and then I added about 15  pounds of bone meal, 20 pounds of kelp meal and 10 pounds of blood meal.  The bone meal provides a readily usable phosphorous to help especially with blooming.  The kelp meal gives your plant a very accessible potassium source which gives the plant turgor.  It also supplies a bunch of nutrients like magnesium.  The blood meal is used for nitrogen.  Nitrogen gives the plants the source for their growth.  I don't want my plants growing too tall and therefore I don't add quite as much nitrogen. 

 There are exceptions of course.  If you are growing lettuce where you want a lot of leave growth then work a little more blood meal into the base of the plants and water very well.  

These are all pictures of this years garden.  These plants were almost all started in my propogation center after March 17th.  I then transplanted most of them on Derby Day.  Most of my garden gets about 12 hours of sun every day but parts get as little as six. 


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Evidence of Good Soil Preparation
Today on want to show some pictures of my garden. This is mostly to validate my previous blog entry on soil preparation. It is most important to emphasis our garden is growing without any chemicals of any kind. The… more
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