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Great Time to get a Deal in Jessamine County Kentucy, Make Your Move NOW!

January 2012 Housing Market Report for Jessamine County Kentucky,  Home Buyers - Now is the Time to snatch a deal!Jessamine County Kentucky Market Report January 2012

The very latest Market Report for residential homes produced by Rector Hayden Realtors shows once again that NOW is the time for buyers to make a smart move and purchase that dream home you have been wanting in Jessamine County.   The absorption rate for homes in the $250,000 range and higher in Jessamine County is fifteen months or more, with the exception of the $550-599,900.   That may be just because there are so few homes in that higher price range on the market.  

Just a reminder that the absorption rate is simply  the rate at which it would take the market to sell all the homes in a particular price range.  Map of Central Kentucky Counties

So in Jessamine County there are currently 13 homes for sale in the 450,000 to 499,999 dollar range.  At the rate they have sold this past 6 months it will take 26 months to sell your home.  Historically anything six months or more is considered a buyer's market and any thing less than six months a seller's market.

So buyers who want to live in Jessamine County, right now is the perfect time to let me negotiate a great deal for you on one of these homes.  There are sellers out there that need to sell.  When they are presented with these kinds of absorption rates and they need to sell they really have little choice but to take a much lower price than what they have been asking.

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