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A Great Little Retreat with the Guys

The Retreat Cabin in Washington County

Friday evening I drove to Washington County to spend 24 hours in retreat with a small group of guys.  It was a great time to get away and enjoy fellowship together, cook our own food, take a walk along the Chaplin River and do a little target shooting.  We also found time to watch the last half of the Cats game.

Deer bagged at the farm.

Saturday morning after breakfast we all joined together to prepare venison stew.  I grew up eating wild game.   I have savored venison, elk, moose, squirrel, rabbit, bear, grouse and a few things you probably would rather not hear about.

Four of the six on the banks of the pond.

I must say that the venison stew we had Saturday evening was THE BEST stew I have ever eaten.  It was also very filling.  Here is the recipe for this palette pleasing stew.

Thank You Lord for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your creation together.

The Chaplin River

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A Great Little Retreat with the Guys
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